Wired connection not working after install

Hi all. I'm completely new to Manjaro, but have a decent experience with Ubuntu derivatives.

I just tried installing Manjaro Gaming Edition on my PC, which already has Windows 10 and Ubuntu dual booting without issues.

After the installation completed I noticed that the wired network keeps disconnecting. This prevents me from any kind of driver or software update, of course.

As I said before, I have no issue with the other installed OSes.


is not an official edition. Try something linked from the main website download area instead of a third-party spin.


I have no terminal output because the installation was made from USB and completely graphic. The only noticeable visual clue f the problem was the notification popup telling "Network disconnected"

If you could tell me what commands to issue to get a log, I'll be glad to provide the result. As i sait, this is the first time ever I use Manjaro.

I didn't know the Gaming Edition was not a supported version, either.

The commands are listed in the linked post.

Hi and welcome to the Manjaro forum!

Where did you get hold of the 'Manjaro Gaming Edition'?

Thanks. I'm trying to get the output of inxi, dmsg and up in files on an USB drive so I can share them some way.

Should I paste them in this post?

I'll also download a regular Manjaro distro to install and see if the problem is present on that, too.


I read of Manjaro on Boiling Steam blog, then googled a bit and read good things about it. I also saw that's always pretty high on distrowatch and so I decided to give it a try.

I've been an Ubuntu user on the last 10 years but some fresh air is always nice. I went directly to the gaming edition because that's what I wanted to try first.

What I am trying to get at, is that if the Gaming Edition is an old ISO and that is not being supported anymore, many on here will be unwilling to assist you given that much newer Manjaro ISOs exist.

Thanks for the heads-up

I'll then give a try to a regular edition as soon as I can download an iso and flash it on the USB drive.

Since my intended goal, would you be so kind to give me some hints? Best iso to download? How to get Steam / playonlinux / lutris up and running? Are there any tutorials floating around?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I know nothing about gaming on Linux.

Steam comes preinstalled with all mainline releases, except for Architect. Lutris is in the repositories.

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