Wireless keyboard and mouse stop working after random amount of time

So, the problem is in the title. Usually this amount of time is quite short. After that I reboot through ssh, keyboard and mouse work for a while and then turn off again. If any key was pressed on that moment it stays pressed.
Manjaro ARM KDE 19.12 RPi4 4GB.

Excuse me for my English, it's not my native language :slight_smile:

If you have a disk connect to the USB3 - port of the RPI4, then move the wireless receiver away from it's cable. The USB - cable going to the disk might radiate radio frequencies that interfere with the keyboard / mouse receiver. The symptoms of this on my RPI4 were mouse slowed down randomly, keyboard presses not getting through or multiple characters appearing after one key press. After moving the receiver to a USB - hub 40 cm away from the RPI4 the problem disappeared.

No, that is not the problem, even if I reconnect the receiver, mouse and keyboard will not work until reboot

Please provide logs from dmesg and journalctl -xe from around the time when they stop working.

We have no way of knowing what else could be doing this.

Does it happen on a fresh install too or just an updated install?



Are those logs from when the devices stopped working?

They seem like fresh boots to me?

Yes, devices stopped working on login screen

Now I caught this bug after some time:

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm almost new to Linux

I've had a similar problem using a Logitech K350 Keyboard on my Raspberry Pi 4. It happened using both Raspbian and Manjaro. In the end I put the receiver on a 12 inch usb extension cable. It hasn't happened since. I speculate that it may be heat related and that the receiver / logitech usb dongle doesn't like how warm my Pi 4 gets. But that's just speculation.


Signal interference?

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