WNA1300 Netgear USB internet adapter,

Hello! I'm thinking about switching to Manjaro as i've been psychologically redpilled into doing so and I need help before making a full swtich, I use a WNA1300 Netgear USB internet adapter yet i cant find linux adapters anywhere, i've seen one post about it from like 2 years ago on the ubuntu forums and im stumped, any help?

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In all things Linux: Try! It's free!

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So go over to our downloads page, download the ISO, follow our First Steps page and see if you can connect to your WiFi network!

If you cannot connect, please follow these instructions and then we'll be able to help you more specifically.

Why? The chance that you'll run into someone who has the exact same hardware as you is small unless you use a major brand like Intel, Qualcom, ... whereas we do have wonderful network experts here and databases with device IDs that will help us help you if you can get us the exact device ID for your WNA1300...

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