Would like to hear your opinions about Pacman (package manager)

Coming from a Pop OS user of about a month or two, I had to get used to apt, which in my opinion is too slow and if you're a newbie, well, you'd much prefer the GUI options.

When I switched to Manjaro, I used the Pamac GUI for about a month before having the guts to finally try Pacman, and it felt amazing. Everything feels so quick, and I've heard that you can change the progress bar to Pacman eating dots (haven't found any guide on how to do that though).

Fast forward to today, and I've used Pacman and Yay almost exclusively for installing on repos and the AUR, with a bit of PacUI inbetween. Now I want to know what your opinions on what is possibly the best package manager in the world, Pacman!

Edit: Thanks to dalto, yesterday, I have changed the progress bar to pacman eating dots, and it looks much better than just hashtags.

Edit 2: By slow, I mean slow to type the commands. It was faster to just

sudo pacman -S firefox


sudo apt-get install firefox



My thoughts on pacman: I like it.


I rate it 10/10, would update again.

It's an excellent package manager. The syntax seems a bit weird at first and takes some time to get used to, but soon it feels very efficient and you notice the logic of it.


I like the speed. I’ve never seen a faster PM on bare metal than pacman. I’ve used APT, DNF, and Zypper on bare metal and Pacman trumps them all. Zypper came close but couldn’t top it.


Some people love it. Others hate it, and then some don't care either way. And I agree.

Literally anything is better than PPA's.


I would vote for pacman. I know the debian package management very well. The package manager apt is not bad but it gave me lots of headaches in the past. The apt pinning mechanism is easy at first but is making things very complex when handling a lot of different repos.

And this is my #1 benefit of pacman: the AUR concept. There is no need to maintain individual repos like in debian. No pinning needed. The AUR has it all. Very nice.

My #2 benefit of pacman is the PKGBUILD mechanism which allows to install software directly from git, ftp, http, archives, etc. Very flexible. Very nice.


After about six months experimenting with Manjaro, I chose Arch because of Pacman (ALPM) and makepkg.

I do use topgrade to help maintain my systems since it handles fwupd and any flatpaks I may have installed.

To me, the package management system is a primary reason for the consideration of any Linux distribution. ALPM fits my needs.


I love pacman, I love apt.

But I love pacman just a little bit more. :wink:


apt doesn't have pacman eating powerpills and pretty coloured text. therefore pacman is miles better than apt :stuck_out_tongue:


pacman is a swiss-knife-like multi-tool :slight_smile: with a lot of parts where you will ever only use a subset of them. Nonetheless the best there is.

pamac-cli coming in as a close second due to the simplified toolset and the AUR capability.


The reason why I don't use pamac-cli is precisely because it's syntax is so different from Pacman. For the AUR, I prefer yay, simply because it has the same syntax as Pacman. But the more options there are, the better.

However, I really the GUI version of Pamac, though I only use it as an app store, for browsing packages and searching the AUR.


Edit pacman.conf


Isn't that pamac-cli?

Though, I agree, aptman is an awesome name.

na na na na na na na na APT MAAAN...

aptman install firefox
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A small improvement suggestion:

when pacman downloads the packages, then the number of downloaded packages should be displayed.


Out of sheer curiosity, I searched for aptman, and it turns out there actually is something called aptman, two of them.



I'm pretty sure that these two aptman's are not the same thing.

So that was something worth learning about...

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I recently installed Manjaro on a second computer. Whilst updating with Pacman, it really annoyed me that it wasn't 'Pacman' eating pills. As soon as the update was finished I had to change it!

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Ain't no pacman without the pellets!

is one of first things I do after a new installation, although in Arch minimal plasma is default.
It will be nice, IMHO, if Manjaro will adopt it by default

I don't get the whole pacman eating power pellets thing. Whenever I find a distro that has it enabled, disabling it is one of the first things I do.

I guess it is just personal preference like everything else. :grin:


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