X250 touchpad and wifi not working

I just noticed there was a syntax error in the last line of the last set of commands I gave you.

This is the proper corrected version:

sudo nmcli networking off
sleep 2
sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager
sleep 2
sudo ip link set enp0s25 down
sleep 2
sudo modprobe -r e1000e
sleep 2
sudo modprobe e1000e
sleep 2
sudo ip link set enp0s25 up
sleep 2
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager
sleep 2 
nmcli networking on
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Did the guy took off ?

Guess so, I gave him quite a bit of home work there. Looking at his outputs I just realized he is trying to connect to a school network. Those seem to give a lot of people problems on Manjaro. That is unfortunate because you can't change any settings in the school's AP's.

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Future posts please use </> in the post toolbar to format terminal output.

That didn't help any, but I don't think it's a problem with the network itself. My desktop runs Manjaro, and it can see and connect to the network fine using a broadcom wifi card and the wl driver. I also didn't have to do any special configuration for it to work.

Is it the exact same broadcom card with the same device ID, model number, and revision number in your desktop. What makes you think all broadcom adapters are the same. Just because many broadcom adapters can use the wl driver does not make them identical. Some broadcom adapters that use the wl adapter will almost never get a network connection in Manjaro.

If you plan on running Linux on all your computers you would be best to purchase hardware that is Linux friendly. Broadcom is the furthest thing in the adapter business from being Linux friendly.

The first post I made on this thread (post #2), linked you to my guide on how to install the wl dkms driver.
Did you follow my guide. Did you install the wl dkms driver?

That's is not exactly providing any details whatsoever of all the steps I asked you to perform. Which steps did you implement on your computer. Were you able to implement the recommendations in the router troubleshooting guide. Is your network hidden?
Some broadcom adapters will not connect to a hidden network. That comes back to the fact that not all broadcom adapters are the same. Some broadcom adapters will only connect on certain encryption protocols, bands, or channels. Do you control this network AP or is it not possible for you to alter the settings.

If it is a school network, is it an eduroam network. Do you actually intend to give me any details, or am I expected to play 50 questions with you, because we're already at post 27.

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