xf86-video-dummy-with-vt (AUR) vs xf86-video-dummy (Official)?


Does anyone use the xf86-video-dummy-with-vt driver? I'm trying to figure out what the benefit is versus xf86-video-dummy, which is what I'm using now.

I cannot find any documentation (maybe I just don't know where to look?). I think it might solve a problem I'm having, but I wanted to ask around before installing it.

I run Manjaro on a Raspberry Pi 4b (4GB), headless, and had to install the xf86-video-dummy driver to get the X server to start so I could do a remote access GUI (e.g., VNC, x2go, etc.).

One of the things I don't enjoy about SSH'ing in to my Pi is that I don't get the switchable TTY devices I would get if I was accessing the computer directly with a monitor and keyboard.

Would this driver somehow give me TTY access when I SSH in? If not, what does it actually do?


I can only assume vt is virtual terminal .. so I would also assume TTY is related.

Well, the wiki page (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/xf86-video-dummy-with-vt) says: X.org dummy video driver with an allocated vt.

I would assume that meant getting TTY access via the dummy driver, but I have no idea how many TTY terminals you get, or if it does what I actually want and lets me access TTY virtual terminals over SSH.

I would very much like to be able to switch between multiple terminals in one window while SSH'd in (e.g., a man page in one and the config files I'm editing in another, and a tmux session with various system monitors (e.g., htop, cpu-temp-speed, etc.) in another.

I have no idea if that's what this actually does. I actually just joined the Xorg mailing list so I could ask.

I'm also wary of the list of dependencies, but mostly because I don't recognize all of them and the AUR wiki puts big flashing warning lights everywhere. Most/all of it looks like developer tools, though...

You could just have multiple SSH sessions though. That would give you the same "experience" as multiple TTY's would.

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I'm doing that now, yes.

I've also got the X Window Server set up to spin up a new instance for every "login." I'm trying to keep that down to 1, because I don't know if each new SSH login will spin up a new X Window Server session.

Also I'm stubborn and it would be cool if I could make this work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Reply from Samuel Thibault on the xorg mailing list:

John T Davis, le lun. 06 juil. 2020 23:12:52 -0500, a ecrit:

How does this version of the driver differ from the xf86-video-dummy (that is,
without the virtual terminal)? What exactly is different for the end user?

The difference is that the user can actually type on the PC keyboard
and things work as expected. For instance, control-C doesn't kill the X

Put another way, with this patch the X server behaves very much like a
normal X server, except that it doesn't display anything.

Would switching to the with-vt driver give me access to the TTY consoles over

No. It really is not the purpose.


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