XFCE 4.14 multihead issue after migrating


I recently changed from XUbuntu 18.04 to Manjaro 20.0.1 with XFCE 4.14. In XUbuntu I had a configuration with two monitors each having an independent workspace in XFCE 4.12. After porting everything over I had some issues with the second monitor. Ultimately I settled on this this xorg.config. But the second monitor (i.e. Screen1) still was black. As it turns out it worked perfectly fine, just that xfdesktop and xfce4-panel weren't launching; xfwm however, runs just fine. Unfortunately I don't know where those other two keep their log files and now I am stuck.
The reason why I do a xorg.config in the first place is, that I don't want the workspace to change on the other monitor when switching on my primary and vice-versa so any other solution providing that would be ok too.

xfdesktop --display=:0.1 produces no output.
xfce4-panel --display=:0.1 produces Lost the name org.xfce.Panel - exiting.

lspci of graphics card

Thank you in advance

you have to check witch xrandr

What exactly do I have to check?
AFAIK xrandr only configures multi-monitor single-screen configurations.

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