XFCE 4.15 released

Xfce's Xfdesktop 4.15 Released

:slight_smile: hope it will be in the pipeline next week or so. I am very interested on this.

I believe that the odd version numbers 4.11, 4.13 and 4.15 are "beta" releases.
The real releases are the even numbers.

Unless they changed that recently.


Xfce 4.16 development phase starting


I don't think we'll be packaging a development version of Xfce (at least as part of the normal process). Conceivably there could be an xfce-git like there is for KDE but I don't think the pace of development will merit it? People use Xfce because it's a very stable DE.

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Yes that’s true. :slight_smile:
I think we can test xfce-git in unstable or separated iso like KDE-Development?

@philm has done so before.

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Oh, actually, now you come to mention it, that's true... we were running with Xfce "4.14" long before it was actually released...

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Given Xfce's roadmap, and given an Oct/Nov release this year, it would be interesting to know what @philm has up his sleeve. (He'd be an interesting poker player, don't you think?)


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