Xfce application menu doesn't display category icons

I am using xfce gtk3. The xfce applications menu does not display any of the category icons and whiskers menu does not show the categories at all . I believe that there are permission issues due to the fact that when I run Xsession as a root user (I know it is not recommended) the icons appear . I don't have any files under '~/.local/share/desktop-directories' that may override default files. Permissions of '/usr/share/desktop-directories' are 'drwxr-xr-x 2 root root' . Permissions of files in the directory are '-rw-r--r-- 1 root root '.

Edit :
It appears that the problem was that permissions of '/var/lib/flatpak' was messed up and desktop directories didn't pass corectly . Changing permissions to 755 fixed the problem.

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you installed icon pack with flatpak?

Times have changed. xD

Actually I have installed an app thought Flatpak . IDK why the permissions got messed up .
But in order to display application in application menu to display you need to add flatpak desktop dir to XDG_DATA_DIRS witch is added automaticly in /etc/profile.d/flatpak.sh script . And , 'couse the permissions of the dir was messed up , exo (xfce menu parser) couldn't read it properly .
And , yep that was funny :smiley:

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