XFCE black screen after fresh install Radeon RX Vega 10


I bought an Acer Swift 3 Ultra Thin (SF315-41-R7NP) which has a Radeon RX Vega 10 mobile in it.
The first issues arose starting the live current USB Boot. Windows/Buttons usually had pixel errors which disappeared after some time/mouse movement.

However, I managed to install manjaro with the free GPU drivers. After restarting into the new system, lightdm loads fine but after entering my credentials only a black screen appears.

Installed PCI configs:
video-linux, Version 2018.05.04

I tried to follow the instructions, outputs are:
xfcefail.log is empty;

IMG_20191026_090425_DRO (I hope that the photo is readable)

Does anyone has a clue what is wrong?

You might want to give this a read.

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you have this dump

@philm drivers radeon is on fault

@stephane thank you! If I can help anyhow, please give me a shout!

@linesma thank you for pointing me to the posting guidelines. As don't have Internet access/wifi on that notebook it seemed like in of those rare occasions where posting photos is considered to be okay?! In case there is something else missing/wrong with my post, please tell me.

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