XFCE: configuring the Whisker Menu

Hi all,
I've got two questions abt tweaking the Whisker Menu.

  1. Is it possible to remove the "Favorites" tab? I honestly don't need it, and don't feel like leaving a useless tab on my menu.
  2. Besides the single column layout of the items, is it possible to have multiple columns, or like a grid view?


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If you right-click on the menu (Manjaro) icon and select "Properties, you can change some settings. Also, under "settings" you should find "Menu editor" (menulibre). It allows you to make other changes like adding and removing launchers, but I don't think it allows you to change the guts of Whisker Menu itself.

I haven't tried it, but (after making a backup!) you can play with:

Edit: There's also ~/.config/menus/xfce-applications.menu which is (I think) what menulibre works with.

As for multiple columns, I have no idea. Might be worth looking at different menu plugins to the panel.

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Yeah I'd agree getting rid of the "favorites" tab might be currently not allowed.. Tried playing with the config file, no joy. I don't find any plugins for Whisker either. Guess I'll just wait.

I had similar aspirations in the past. I did manager to clean things up by getting rid of unecessary categories and such ... but I must've done it some backwards-ass way, kuz menu-libre no longer has any effect if I wanted to, say, enable the 'education' category again. Never did make much headway though getting rid of 'recently used' or 'favorites'.

This one I do know!

If you go to the properties of the menu plugin, then the "Behavior" tab and set "Amount of items" to "0" then the recently used category won't be shown.


@Orajnam has already shown you the way to get rid of "recently used".
Right-click Whisker Menu -> Properties -> "Behavior" panel -> set "Recently Used" amount of items to 0.
Another way is put the older "Applications menu", a launcher button for "Settings Manager" and an "Action button" on your panel. xD

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Whiskermenu is not native to Xfce. It was developed by Mint as a replacement for the original Xfce menu, which you may find more appealing than Whiskermenu.


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