XFCE desktop bar - open apps icons or open app title display into desktop bar

I've installed XFCE on two external HDD.
I tried to replicate the look, I customised, all is wright, but I forgot how I did the followin:

On one version when I open an app, the desktop menu bar shows the app's icon, on the other it shows the title of the open app.
How can I get the open app's icon instead of it's title?

Thanksdesktop menu - open apps shown with icons desktop menu - open apps shown with TITLE

Now, I myself don't use XFCE ─ I use KDE Plasma ─ but what you're describing is a distinction that also exists in Plasma, namely the difference between a regular task bar applet (which shows the application's name and perhaps additional information, such as the name of a file that was opened in the application) and an icons-only task bar applet (which only shows icons and no text).

I would suggest right-clicking your task bar ─ or perhaps another spot on the panel ─ and see whether the pop-up menu gives you an option to swap out the regular task bar applet for an icons-only task bar applet. If the choice is not offered there, then perhaps it is to be found in XFCE's equivalent of Plasma's System Settings module.

Again, I don't use XFCE, so I'm not familiar with its configuration tools. :white_flag:

Hi there.

Have to tried going into Settings & selecting "Appearance" > "Settings" > "Toolbar Style"?

That's the only thing I can think of.

All the best!

Ruziel :slight_smile:

Well, I imagine that would be the place to change it, but if it's not, then I'm afraid I cannot help you any further with this, given that I'm a Plasma user. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you right-click the task bar, does the pop-up menu show an entry along the lines of "Show Alternatives"? (That's the way you can change it in KDE Plasma.)

Right-click the taskbar (panel) and select "Panel"and "Panel Preferences". Then select "Items" and select the "Window Buttons". Click the button for "Edit the currently selected item" and in there select or deselect "Show button labels" :slight_smile:


I've taken the liberty of marking your post as the solution. :wink:


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