XFCE Minimal 18.0.4 GTK2 HIDPI Scaling.

Followed steps HERE.

Since Manjaro's XFCE Edition(s) are primarily based on XFCE 4.13, there isn't much to go on in the wiki, though I did follow every step applicable.

Wanted to try Palemoon, which now looks like this:


Made possible with:


In Settings Editor > xsettings > gtk > IconSizes

Any decent theme/icons recommendations? Want to join the high ranks over at r/unixporn :laughing:.

First thing .. you will get best hidpi from gnome or kde . just is.
They are the biggest modern DEs, so yeah.

What youve done is pretty much it for xfce (though you could use different values).
You can find more here:

FF has an about:config scale option which is usually preferred too.


[palemoon being a painfully outdated fork of FF, it may or may also exist in PM]

Is there no way to scale GTK2 apps like on KDE Plasma? There has to be something I'm missing or doing wrong.

Sadly the GTK2 applications have no chance of scaling by themselves, i.e. Gimp, Inkscape, MyPaint, Audacity, Bleachbit, FileZila, PlayOnLinux - but there are some workarounds for those and others like that.

in some instances you can use:
<application> --force-device-scale-factor=2

others use a scale script, described and talked about here

Is this the reason KDE Plasma excels at scaling, it forces it? Trying to mimic same enhancements across all applications is proving difficult in XFCE.

Not necessarily ...
Anyway, here is an extended post about it

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