XFCE - Papirus Icon theme - Volume icon in pop up notification too bright: Anyone else?

I use Matcha-sea and the Papirus-Maia icon theme on Manjaro XFCE, and I have noticed that since a few weeks the icon of the audio in the pop up notification (which opens when you raise/lower volume) is (very) light gray, and it can barely be seen... in particular, it can barely be distinguished whether volume is on or muted, which is particularly annoying. Other icons in pop up notifications (like the brightness one) are OK.

I attach some screenshots.

This is the pop up notification for volume when speakers are muted:


This is the pop up notification for volume when speakers are not muted:


As I said, you struggle to see the difference.

The pop up notification for brightness is ok instead:


The volume icon when speakers are on should be of the same colour of the brightness icon. And it used to be like that.

Unless vinceliuice uses Manjaro, you're better off going to his github page and raise an issue there:


I did it: https://github.com/vinceliuice/Matcha-gtk-theme/issues/116. 7 days, no comments or replies.

The purpose of opening this topic is also seeing if this is a common problem or it's just me.

Edited your title to reflect that. Editing your body text is reserved for moderators... :wink:

The problem is not Matcha, but the Papirus icon theme. Light themes behave correctly, dark and mixed themes don't. I've tried to update the icon theme from the github page but to no avail.

Use Breath2: that's developed by one of the Manjaro artists here: If something goes wrong, you raise a request here with "Breath2 bug: ..." and he'll be onto it like a vulture!


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