[XFCE] Super (Win key) shortcut problem


I'm used to have application menu on Super (Win) key and other shortcuts are combination of Super+Something. Everytime I press Super key to begin shortcut the menu pops up. Because it takes it on keydown. Is there way to have it run action on keyup/key release?

I have bind Super+L to lock screen. When I press Super+L application menu shows up then it lock screen.

I don't have this problem in Ubuntu - gnome or Windows.


An older discussion about that here.
There might be something you can adopt.

As another workaround you could make use of ksuperkey from AUR.
Depending of what wrapper you use for AUR packages, run from terminal:
yaourt -S ksuperkey
trizen -S ksuperkey
reply with NO each time is asking you to edit the package/install ...
After that you can tweak the way it acts. I don't think it "drags" KDE dependencies with it.
Hope this helps!

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The instructions in this post correct the problem:

This simple solution uses xcape from the Manjaro Community repo instead of ksuperkey, which resides in the AUR. The post refers to an Xfce beta version, but the solution works just as well in the current Xfce version of Manjaro.


I'm sorry I tought I was just missing something somewhere.
I can't deal with hacks and flaming threads that goes from 2011 anymore. This is last thing I wanted to sort on my new system and I just rather rebind it. Sorry to bother. I mark solution for someone else who looks for it.
Thanks for answers.

Manjaro Xfce has its own keyboard shortcuts that uses Ctrl+Alt combinations.

Ctrl+Alt+d = show desktop
Ctrl+Alt+m = task manager
Ctrl+Alt+t = terminal
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace = kill x server (I'm not sure if this is universal, the Nvidia driver adds this shortcut to my system)

There are a lot more useful global shortcuts in Keyboard->Application Shortcuts and Window Manager->Keyboard.

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This looks like XFCE only problem. And I know about keybindings I just wanted to personalize them for my workflow.

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