[XFCE] Synology Drive icon not showing

Hi all,

I have been bouncing around a few editions of Manjaro to find where I want to settle on.
Have decided its going to be the XFCE version. Installed it on both my computers.

I use a Synology NAS and the Drive feature. The community has a package for this: synology-drive-client which works flawlessly on one machine, but the icon is missing in the notification area of the other.

The one not working is a fresh install this morning with the 20.0.1 install media. The same I used yesterday on the other machine. I am really new still, how to go about troubleshooting this?

EDIT: If I open the propperties of the notification area it does show the "Cloud-drive-ui" there. It does work, the folder is synchronized.

You can add an icon by changing proprrties for the app or perhaps more easily by trying a different theme that has an icon for whatever synology is... :wink:

Some research has made it clear that Synology is not doing anything about the situation, if it works on Ubuntu all is well as far as they are concerned. Gnome, MATE and KDE are fine, icon works as intended (but not on Fedora).
I'm still distro hopping, bad habit really. Thanks for the response @manyroads.

@User14 distro hopping is fun... FWIW (and completely off-topic) I currently am fan of a few. manjaro, archlabs, mxlinux, mint. Each offers something on the platforms I use. I also, love wm & de hopping (my favorites dwm,hlwm,bspwm,xfce) :upside_down_face:

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