XFCE Whisker Menu question

Using XFCE Whisker Menu, it would be nice to have the sub-menu be wider than it is the default.

Can we change the width of the submenu (the one to the right-side) when clicking on the start button?


You can change the width of the whiskermenu if you click and drag the top right corner.

I apologize as I was not clear. That does work and works fine.

Start and in the lower window. On the right-side and I would like to see like "Education" or "Games" be wider.


I think, this is hard coded, you would need to change it in the source code.

The width of the category column cannot be changed, only the width of the items column, (why would you want to change it, though?) but you can change the icon sizes if you right click on the whiskermenu icon, select properties and select Item icon size and Category icon size.

Alternative to Whisker Menu? I can probably live with its shortcoming, but thought I would throw that out there.


There is the Applications Menu, which has a more basic/streamlined layout and has no search function.

It is not a big deal at this point. I think I am going to live with it.

I think you'll get used to it over time. :slight_smile:

A big improvement over the old menu, courtesy of Linux Mint. :smiley:


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