XFCE wifi always drops

I have XFCE installed in MSI GT60 with win10. In windows, the wifi works normal, but in Manjaro XFCE, the wifi always drops, it doesn't disconnect, but some minutes, there is no connection, I need to reconnect.

But My manjaro KDE on Thinkpad, use the same wifi, it doessn't drop at all.

How could I fix it?

Try setting a static IP in xfce for the wifi

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Tried but doesn't work. Cause the wifi have many access points with 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ. So I suppose XFCE network manager will jump from an access point to another?

Maybe the problem caused by network-manager-applet and the temporary solution is to downgrade it.

Take a look here:

Hi, I use Manjaro Deepin but have similar problem. My wifi connection sometimes is lost but only in work. When I go with my laptop home everything is OK.

Please dont necrobump. This thread is a year old. Please search for newer posts that pertain to you. If you can find none please start your own. It is highly unlikely that it is the same issue as it was back then.
(for example the suggestion above was worked out with an update to NetworkManager)

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