I'd like to try out an xfce4-gtk3 version... has anyone installed a version of 4.14 (which is supposed to be gtk3, I believe)? If so where would I find it?

You probably will need to compile it from source. I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

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In Debian, perhaps? It is not in Arch or AUR repos at this time. You could compile from source. See this blog: http://blog.xfce.org/



I'll wait then ... I guess :wink: Even an old guy like me can wait a little bit. Even I have to be a bit prudent.

Currently working on it ...

[phil@manjaro unstable]$ sudo pacman -S xfce4-gtk3 xfce4-gtk3-goodies
:: There are 6 members in group xfce4-gtk3:
:: Repository extra
   1) exo-gtk3  2) garcon-gtk3  3) xfce4-session-gtk3  4) xfce4-settings-gtk3
   5) xfconf-gtk3  6) xfdesktop-gtk3

Enter a selection (default=all): 
:: There is 1 member in group xfce4-gtk3-goodies:
:: Repository community
   1) xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-gtk3

Enter a selection (default=all): 
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: exo-gtk3 and exo are in conflict. Remove exo? [y/N] y
:: libxfce4ui-gtk3 and libxfce4ui are in conflict. Remove libxfce4ui? [y/N] y
:: xfconf-gtk3 and xfconf are in conflict. Remove xfconf? [y/N] y
:: garcon-gtk3 and garcon are in conflict. Remove garcon? [y/N] y
:: xfce4-session-gtk3 and xfce4-session are in conflict. Remove xfce4-session? [y/N] y
:: xfdesktop-gtk3 and xfdesktop are in conflict. Remove xfdesktop? [y/N] y
:: xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-gtk3 and xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin are in conflict. Remove xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin? [y/N] y

Packages (15) exo-0.10.7-2 [removal]  garcon-0.4.0-1 [removal]
              libxfce4ui-4.12.1-2 [removal]  libxfce4ui-gtk3-4.13.0-1.1
              xfce4-session-4.12.1-4.1 [removal]
              xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-1.6.0-0 [removal]
              xfconf-4.12.0-4 [removal]  xfdesktop-4.12.3-2.1 [removal]
              exo-gtk3-0.11.1-1  garcon-gtk3-0.5.0-1
              xfce4-session-gtk3-4.13.0-1  xfce4-settings-gtk3-4.13.0-1
              xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-gtk3-2.0.1-1  xfconf-gtk3-4.13.0-1.1

Total Download Size:    1.88 MiB
Total Installed Size:  17.48 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:       5.35 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

... beware of the caveats !!!


Great! :smile:

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Danke schön :sunglasses:

Hi Phil. I just switched to unstable and attempted to install using pacman. Attached is the error I see here in Colorado.

@philm so I changed my mirrors to Germany from the US and succeeded in loading everything except whiskermenu-gtk3. I have run some test and include my initial findings here (I hope they are of some value):

General (including xfce panel):
it appears that window Corners composit much nicer than earlier ; I'm using the greybird 3.2 theme.
Theme is using about 1% cpu (seems very light)
RAM use is running at 631MB about 100MB lighter than before.
Notification Area does not work (Panel)
Action Buttons (Panel) can not edit.
Weather Update (in panel) works normally
Seperator functions in panel work normally
Clock function in panel works normally
Whiskermenu (not the gtk3 version) works normally in panel
panel background opacity functions normally
Panel auto-hide (always) works correctly)

Other items noted.
Plank panel on Desktop works normally
Conky desktop widget works normally on Desktop

Control Panel
Windows Manager does not function- I assume due to new xfwm compositor
Window Manager Tweaks does not function- I assume due to new xfwm compositor
Notifications are incorrectly place on screen (bottom setting places notification in the middle)
Synapse continues to function (good thing because it make software installation much easier without Notifications on the panel)

thunar-dropbox- dropbox indicators do not appear on folders
desktop launchers work as before

pamac (Software Installer)
seems to work per normal although it loads and formats itself slowly (the ending operations box takes a bit to load correctly)


I had metacity set as my compositor (during the earlier test)... now that it is unset, I can report the following:

all file folder windows (in Thunar) appear to open in full screen mode without the ability to reduce their size; probably a gnome feature combine with a stupid user problem.
On DE restart (Logout-Login) panel and setting are all lost. Maybe I can work without one of those pesky panels. :wink:
Compositor (whatever the new one is) still renders images clearly.

@manyroads: Hi Mark, xfce4-gtk3 is in the early stages. Whiskermenu-Gtk3 works on my end. You can combine any package as you wish. xfdesktop-gtk3 doesn't work on my end. The background is mostly gray. Only if I'm in Workplace settings and choose a wallpaper it is shown shortly, going back it is back gray. Anyway, I'll keep on track on upstream and will add more packages as they come.


for me, i installed the full gtk2 version, then overwrite with the gtk3 apps, everything works except the desktop, also i had no panel and had to create then manually, alt+f2 was working find

I'm about to test xfce4-gtk3.

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@eugen-b please share your experiences. I tried about 2 months ago and I cant setup properly.My issues:
1.Whisker menu was fine
2.Xfce4 panel had some bugs
3.I couldnt handle start and save sessions.
4.Missing icons.

I tried it. Looking good for such an early stage, xfce4-panel launcher issues, desktop icons not showing and background of the desktop were the main problems I could see.

I tried to launch it from startx, but got black screen (no DE items at all). Similar issues with launching lxde-gtk3. But then I installed lxdm-gtk3 and was able to log in to LXDE. Will install xfce4-gtk3 sometime later.

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It is in an early stage. Also no git-updates so far on the core packages. Will keep track on it and update those packages time to time ...

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Phil, have there been any updates?



Thanks for the updates.

You can check XFCE-Git if upstream did some significant updates to XFCE. I'm also subscribed to the XFCE-ML, so I get email notifications if some release was made. As XFCE development in general it is slow and therefore normal to have only few code changes made to its components. Stay in unstable branch to get the updates faster.

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