.xinitrc content fill my .bash_history

This happens now and during the last few months, everytime I boot.

Interesting that you have difference on the same version - was it the same version you originally installed from on the laptop and desktop?
It must be possible to trace the startup sequence and see the difference?
By the way I am on Openbox on this laptop.

my message was a quote box. follow the link to the other discussion on your issue, in which i have not participated.

Thanks - Now I get it, haha :blush:

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I wish that I could add any thing definitive as to what caused this .xinitrc problem. Some time before I noticed .bash_history being over written I had tried to add a different DE. Can't remember which one. Anyway I failed and removed the install. that is the only thing that I can attribute .xinitrc's presents to.:confounded:

Sorry that I am no help here....

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