XPS 15 7590, kernel install incomplete

Hey guys, I have a problem when I finished my installation of manjaro 18.0.4 stable.

Since the wifi card of xps 7590 is too new, manjaro cannot automatically help me install my wifi driver. So after my installation of manjaro alongside windows 10, I tried to follow the steps here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dell_XPS_15_7590 to install my driver, but when I input 'make', the terminal shows 'kernel headers are incomplete/not installed'. I have checked the SHA1 code and there's no problem.

I have installed before on my xps 13 9343 and there was no problem, and I followed the steps here [HowTo] Dual-boot Manjaro - Windows 10 - Step by Step

And since I have no Internet connection, I cannot fix the kernel problem with pacman. Can anyone help me or if you have successfully installed on xps 7590, please let me know? :innocent:

We need more info.

Please enter:

uname -r

In case you are running kernel is 5.2 check status of headers:

pacman -Qs linux52-headers

Have you updated the system already?

That article says, if you use kernel 5.2 and latest firmware, it works OOTB.
Try connecting to internet with your smartphone and install kernel 52 with mhwd-kernel or MSM. Update your system, and reboot.



I just installed from the 18.0.4 iso file and tried to make wifi driver, and the error occurred. The PC has not connected to the Internet.

well, I type in uname -r and it shows


Thanks in advance.

Hi, problem solved:sweat_smile:

I forgot to use the USB tethering to connect internet, now my system is fine.
thanks a lot

Really thank you! and problem solved.

actually i have never tried usb tethering:sweat_smile:

Anyway, don't forget to update if not already done, for example via

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5
sudo pacman -Syyu

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