Yakuake breaks Ctrl+S in several applications


When using Yakuake with KDE I'm having a bit of a strange issue: Ctrl+S does not work in VSCode, Firefox and IntelliJ. Manually pressing save naturally works.

As soon as Yakuake is terminated - everything works as it should.

I've checked Yakuake shortcuts and nothing is configured to Ctrl+S. KDE standard shortcuts have Ctrl+S defined but changing that does not make any difference.

Any way to work around this?

You mean remove the short from KDE?

It may require a restart of kwin - I suppose it is the window manager grapping the keypress.

I think the problem that I'm mainly facing is that when Yakuake is not running - the Ctrl+S shortcut is working just as expected. So somehow Yakuake seems to intercept that shortcut even though its not defined as a shortcut for Yakuake (Does not show up in Yakuake as shortcut or global)..

I was wondering if it tries to use Ctrl+S simply because it's defined in Standard KDE shortcuts.. but that was more of a long-shot. With Yakuake having focus that shortcut still does nothing.. So I'm just trying to figure out if there is a workaround to have Ctrl+S always working with or without Yakuake running (foreground or background).

And if i remove Ctrl+S from KDE standard shortcuts I assume more apps won't have Ctrl+S as "Save" configured even. As thats what KDE sets Ctrl+S for..

Again seems to be Yakuake-specific thing...


A small update - it was suggested on #kde @ Freenode that it might've been Konsole shortcut for Suspend Task that is interfering, however Konsole does not seem to have that shortcut defined at all. Suspend Task (STOP) is unset..

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