Yes! Graphics Tablet Pen Pressure works in Krita and GIMP

It was a pleasant surprise to find that my graphics tablet (Vikoo HK708S-P) pen pressure works in Krita and GIMP. Well, the pen does but not the side buttons. That doesn't bother me that much, though. Using the same device in Inkscape is ignored but it does move the pointer, select and draw.

[EDIT] I meant the side buttons on the tablet not the pen.

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Not sure this will help, but on XFCE you can use (see the instructions)
and you will have the possibility to map the buttons in a visual way (as in Gnome) if your tablet is in the list of supported devices. In KDE you have to install the kcm-wacomtablet-frameworks-git from AUR or from the source (i know the tablet model can be added in the source code and also have the buttons ID, so when installed will work properly)
In 2014 i made some modifications on the source of the ETRIC's files from here to have all the buttons and to get them in the right order, so later he implemented that in his project.

Thank you for that. I'll check it out later.
I looked in the package manger and libwacom and xf86-input-wacom are installed.

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