You devs are sneaky and in a good way!!!!

I have a amd/nvidia hybrid laptop and graphically this thing is a nightmare to get working. I had swore off linux on this damn machine and was struggling through what is known as windows. I ran across a thread on reddit claiming better support for the asus rog laptops. I was like what do I have to lose I have an empty ssd not being used installed.

What I have discovered is that when installing the the video-nvidia-440xx that I don't need to use a custom amd/nvidia conf anymore. I discovered this by installing the driver running the command to remove the 90-mhwd from the xorg.cond.d location. For some reason my personal git with all the .conf and other fixes wouldnt clone. So I just rebooted and crapped my pants (solid not runny) when it booted to a graphical environment. Turns out I had never bothered to check /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/. After I looked in there I saw the amd/nvidia conf already there and simplified from the one I am use to using. I am super happy that this computer is now pretty much install manjaro install one package from the aur and install the nvidia driver and I have a complete working system with no other configuration having to be done. This thing would take me 1-2 hours to get working now its down to 20-30 minutes. Thank you, you awesome and wonderful devs and other contributors to this great distro!!!


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