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I've just installed the packages zfs-utils, linux419-zfs (4.19er Kernel) and spl-utils (according to this thread [SOLVED] Manjaro and zfs?). With this packages installed but not enabled any zfs-services I was able to import and use my zfs-filesystem normally. I was just wondering whether this is correct or whether something is wrong.
I've read that a few of the services are for the automount feature (in same thread as above). Is with automounting ment, any USB device with a zfs on it will be imported and mounted, or is this just for automounting of the imported pools (in case you have your /home// folder on it) while booting?

It is correct. Arch-based distros do not enable services when installed. It is up to the system administrator to determine which services to run and when.

Automounting will mount any pools attached at poweroff (or those in the /etc/zpool.cache file).

Therefore, pools on external devices won't automount unless they were mounted prior to reboot.

Ah ok got it.

I've got these services of zfs:


I guess zfs-import-cache is for setting up a cache with pools that should be automounted. But for what are the other services? (it can't be for normal mounting as I was able to import pools without having any service enabled)

I use these:


I believe the first one is the only that is actually required. The others are all to support automounting of zfs filesystems.

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If you don't know then you could always research a little about what ZFS does. It offers a lot of features and functionality.


Built-in sharing over NFS.

Events monitoring daemon.

systemd target for the point at which ZFS pools have been imported.

Ok thanks for looking up for me :wink:

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