Ziggo go TV no longer working


Ziggo is my TV provider and also provides on-line TV watching. It used to work perfectly, but recently when I select a program to watch, I get "video can not be started" message. This is both in Chrome as well as in Firefox.

This is a dual boot machine and when I boot into MacOS, it works flawlessly.

I know it is vague, and I would appreciate any hints or tips.


What packages have you removed recently?

Hint - pacman.log - can be read in Add / Remove Software


H264 encoder missing?


This may or may not help. I use pluto tv and sling. There are times that if I just click on the show I want to watch it will give me the same error. However, if I click on the circle with the play button in it the show will then play. give that a try and see if you still get the error.

As a quick folow up, everything indicates a Widevine compatibility issue since around 10th of Januari 2020. Both for FF as well as Chrome.

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