Zoom Screen Sharing - Screen flickering

There have been quite a few threads on this forum related to Zoom.us screen sharing, especially flickering screens for meeting participants.

Well, I had the same issue and was going up and down the stack to find a solution. To the extend that I last week installed Windows in a separate partition for my Zoom sessions. :crazy_face:
And, as usual, the moment you throw something away, you need it, or in my case right after Windows was installed I found my solution.

The screen flickering is caused by the tearing prevention setting of the KDE compositor. Switch it off and the flicker is gone!
Given that this fixed a big pain point in an otherwise great product, I thought I'd share my solution.

Find the compositor in systems settings or type compositor in Krunner and set vsync accordingly.


FYI: I use zoom.us from flathub as a flatpak. And it works fine.

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Good to hear.
Well, in that case my issue may have been the result of combining Plasma + nVidia + Bumblebee + Zoom.

Good thing is that I haven't seen any negative side effects after switching vsync off.

I have this same problem in Gnome. Does anyone know how to fix the flickering in Gnome? I reported this a few months ago to Zoom and next update fixed it. But, now it's back again in 3.5.330166.1202.

I don't know Gnome I am afraid, but would expect a similar compositor which somehow can be configured?

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