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I finally upgraded my Pinebook Pro (PBP) to Manjaro KDE. I really like Manjaro more than what came with my PBP.

I really want to get Zoom running on the PBP. I went into pacman and didn't see Zoom as an option so I enabled AUR. I then attempted to build the Zoom through pacman and I got an error that is was not available for aarch64.

Does this mean that Zoom is not supported in the ARM version of Manjaro? If so, is there another option to get it running on the PBP?

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I haven't tried it myself, but there are Firefox and Chrome add-ons for Zoom - have you tried them?

Edit: nvm - seems those extensions are meant only to schedule meetings, not attend them.

Zoom is targeting the x86-64 architecture so the client will not work on PBP. You can attend meetings from the browser according to support pages: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/214629443-Zoom-Web-Client

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The problem with the browser "clients", is (or at least was when I last tried it) that it cannot use your systems audio through the browser.

I have been using it through the lockdown for meetings with a company that we work with. To clarify I am talking about a x86-64 computer. Once you allow access to microphone, webcam and video autoplay it works fine.

There is no zoom for aarch64 yet and the developer are not so serious about aarch64 architecture yet, but if you're a paid subscriber for zoom then you can request aarch64 support on their forum.

They did mention that if there is alot of request from their users for aarch64 then they might look into it.

Also some users have reported that it works on Chromium but only for audio calls and then it crashes after sometime.


I don't know if there's a place to lookup specifically for Manjaro, but for my raspberry pi, I use https://archlinuxarm.org/packages to lookup available packages for it.

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I am a paid user so I will put in a formal request.

I just tried the Web Client through both Firefox and Chromium on my PBP and my sound did work after picking the option. I'll play with it more.

The "use web client" option came up on Chromium after the app didn't open. In Firefox the option never appeared. I did figure out that I could force the zoom web client by adjusting the URL. This adjusted URL worked in both Chromium and Firefox

Where "1234567890" is the meeting number, the standard Zoom links for me (U.S) are:

To make them into Web client links just change out the "j" with "wc/join"

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I did some more testing and my experience is that Zoom is unusable with the Web Client on the PBP. I could get audio and others could see my video but the audio was very low and my video was choppy/hung up. I also didn't have the ability to see others on the meeting. If anyone has a better experience, I'd like to learn about it.

I hope that Zoom will eventually make an ARM client.

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